I used Certified Building Inspectors to do a four point inspection for homeowner's insurance. They look at the roof, they look at the structure and everything like that, see how it's constructed. They send the inspection report to your insurance company. They are very nice, very professional, very upbeat. They just melted right in, they were here. They were very punctual, right on the spot. I would highly recommend them.

P.C. Orlando, FL , Consultant

Certified Building Inspectors came out for the home inspection for a house that we looking to purchase. They were fantastic.

E.B. Orlando, FL, Manager

Certified inspected my house for a refinance loan It went great. I got my new loan.

J.K. Orlando, FL ,

Jack Davis was the inspector and not only was he on time, but he was early. Jack was very thorough in checking all the appliances and components that were there (hot water heater, dishwasher, oven, garbage disposal, sprinkler/irrigation system, air conditioning, pool pump, etc). He got up on the roof to actually inspect, rather than just looking from the ground level. He crawled all through the attic to check insulation, plumbing, and a/c vents.

The report was a voluminous account (24 pages with pictures!) that was completed within 3 days. Everything he had observed and spoken about with us was included in the report. He was meticulous in the details, but what I appreciated the most was his honesty. He described what were minor issues and what was major, without talking us into or out of buying the home- just giving us his professional opinion so that we were well informed to make our own decision.

Be aware that if you hire a company recommended by your realtor, they have every incentive to give you a "good" report so the realtor will continue to recommend them. When you arrange for your own inspection report, the inspector's loyalty is to you- not the bank, and not the realtor who is trying to make commission. This company is not cheap, but they are professional, organized, detailed, prompt, and HONEST. This is everything we were looking for and were more than happy to pay a little extra up front to know what we could be getting ourselves into.

Overall, this is a great company and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a true account on the condition of a home.

J.S. Longwood, FL ,